The Heart Behind Subtle Love’s “Belonging” T-shirt Design

Love inspired graphic tee for september 2023

Greetings, Subtle Love community!

As the leaves change and the crispness of September air begins to greet us, we at Subtle Love are thrilled to unveil our latest t-shirt design: “Belonging“. This design holds a special place in our hearts, and we’re ecstatic to share its story with all of you.

The essence of belonging is woven deep within the fabric of humanity. It’s the silent heartbeat that connects us, a longing that extends beyond mere social interactions or commonalities. Belonging is the force that ties us to one another, the undercurrent of our existence, emphasizing that we’re part of something larger than our solitary selves.

As we brainstormed on how to visually encapsulate such a profound sentiment, nature gifted us with the perfect muse: a family of quail.


Quails, with their tight-knit social structure and collective mannerisms, symbolize unity and togetherness. A quail family moves together, always alert and attentive to one another’s needs, ensuring that no member is left behind. Their collective strength is drawn from their unity. Just as quails are inseparable in their journey, so too are we, humans, in our search for acceptance and belonging.


The “Belonging” design is not just about quails or their united journey; it is a testament to the very essence of human connections and the importance of being part of a community. It’s a gentle reminder, etched on fabric, that we’re never truly alone.

To our cherished community of t-shirt aficionados: Your unwavering support and love have been our anchor, allowing Subtle Love to grow, evolve, and continually seek inspiration in the world’s many wonders. As you don this latest design, we invite you to reflect upon your own stories of belonging. What binds you? Who are the quails in your life?

Please share your personal tales of belonging with us. Each story enriches our collective understanding of this beautiful human experience.

Thank you for being a part of Subtle Love’s journey. Let’s continue to celebrate our shared tapestry of stories, our innate need for connection, and the myriad ways we find our own sense of belonging in this vast world.

With gratitude and love,
The Subtle Love Team


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